Friday, April 10, 2009


I'd like to introduce you to Luanne Brown, or Sheltie, as most of us affectionately know her. I've come to know Sheltie thru Goshen's Game Round BNR forum thread. Sheltie19 has a variety of things in her shop, but I think what she is most infamous for is the beautifully stunning beads she creates. (That, and her knack for finding all the game threads going on throughout the forums!) I interviewed Sheltie recently, I'll let her tell you more about herself:

1. Tell me a little about yourself? I am married to my high school sweetheart. I use to have my own dog training business until I got sick. I got started making jewelry, which lead me into making my own beads. I am a self taught glass artist, and just love making my beads. I have ventured into other crafts too....I just love to make things.

2. What do you make/create? Well, I make lampwork beads and glass sculptures...the sculptures are what I think I do the best, but any bead is fun to create and I just being in my studio. I also make cards, candles, lip balms, and body butter...and now I am sewing.

3. Name the last three things you bought on Etsy/seller? Cards, earrings, bracelet. I love to buy my cards from you (H20works) or emmarts, and I love oksi's braclets, and krisybird's earrings.

4. Have you ever met someone who has changed your life? My husband, he got me under control in my life. He has stood by my side thru all my illness, which at times has not been easy. I admire his honesty and caring... he is kind and loving.. and I can tell him anything... I think god wanted us together.

5. Do you sing in the shower? If so, what songs? LOL yes I do...but mostly humming cause I can never remember the words to a song...hehehehehe


  1. Dear Kat,
    How are you? hope all is well.
    Thank you for sharing Luanne Brown's beautiful beads,I am going to visit her shop right now.

    LOVE the songs that playing in your blogggg.


  2. Thanks sima! Sheltie is great, as are her beautiful beads!

  3. enjoyed this interview. Thanks very much! I have a few of Sheltie's beads and they are beautiful!