Wednesday, April 1, 2009


If you are tired of searching thru the endless lists of treasuries for the elusive little stars that indicate you've been featured, search no more!

Craftopolis was shared with me a short while back. What a GREAT tool this is! Simply put your name in the search box, and up pops all the treasuries you are currently being featured in. As far as I can tell, this works for both the Main Treasury & Treasury West.

In addition, Craftopolis will also tell you if you are currently featured in any of Etsy's Gift Guides. I was pleasantly pleased to see that H20work's Home Canning Series #35 Print was featured in the SLOW FOOD Gift Guide!!! Yippee! I made it to a gift guide...SWEET!


  1. cool! I was trying to remember the name of this site!
    and I may have to visit your blog just to listen to some of this great music!

  2. Glad you like it Sparkly! You're welcome any time!