Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Discoveries

New Discoveries...a chance to show off some of the works of other Etsy shops that I find amazing. These are a few artists that I have stumbled upon recently, those that have earned a heart from me for their talents.

First off, I have to share this ACEO purchase I made yesterday from
Jessica Doyle. Actually, it was one of two that I purchased, and there were several others that made my decision very difficult. I love Jessica's whimsical and colorful style.

Annabelle by Jessica Doyle

My next New Discovery is MenagerieStudio. I have recently been on a pendant kick, I received a beautiful silver chain for Mother's Day and have been collecting different pendants that I can switch out for different outfits. I love all the textures and the beautiful golden hue of this Shabby Chic Heart pendant.

And finally, this is one great photographer! There is just something about the style of Amelia Kay Photography that speaks to me. I love swirls, have always been drawn to them, which is why I probably singled out this great image amongst the rest of her Amelia's beautiful work. A great perspective shot.

Swirls in Iron by Amelia Kay Photography


  1. Nice discoveries Kat! I have a few new favorite shops!

  2. LOVE menageriestudios - i have 2 of her pendants (bird & curvy heart) on potted candles by madhatterpottery. ♥

  3. Thanks so much for featuring Annabelle! I really like the photograph of Swirls in Iron to. Cheers!