Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Introducing PETITE Mini Notecards

This week, after several requests to make a smaller version of my popular 3" Mini Notecards, I am rolling out the new PETITE MINI NOTECARDS in a great 2" size. The new PETITE cards come as a set of 5 with coordinating envelopes, or you have the option to get ten cards without envelopes. I can even punch holes if you want to attach strings to make tags!

I am working on getting all my 3" designs listed in the new 2" PETITE size, and I have several already in my Etsy shop. Please visit the "Mini Notecards and Tags Section" for any of these designs and more. Or just click on the images to go right to that page in my shop.

The following set is something new. I've created a Variety Pack only available (right now anyway) in the new PETITE 2" size. They are 10 of my favorite designs and they come with 10 white hand-cut envelopes. ALSO: The Variety Pack featured below is one on my Weekly Blog Followers Specials. That means if you follow my blog, you can get this set for 10% off and FREE SHIPPING. Hurry though, because the specials change every Monday!


  1. Thanks Bianca, I really appreciate your comments and support! :)


  2. I love my petite, mini cards!! Thanks for the great job Kat!

  3. ►►►►►★L O V E★◄◄◄◄◄

    my new cards!!!!!!!!

    L O V E{Sima}