Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"My Girls"

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As I've already shared with you "My Boys", I wanted to share with everyone two of the other joys in my life, "My Girls". When we got Abbey, our now 6 yr. old Chocolate Lab, from the pound they said she was 2 yrs old, so we figured, "Eh., she's a good size", little did we know until we took her to the vet, that she was really only 10 months old and wasn't finished growing, she now weighs around 110 lbs, but we love every ounce of her.

At first, it wasn't the case tho. She was a little stinker, with a whole lotta baggage and bad habits to break. I always wonder what her life was like before we got her, poor baby. With a lot of patience and love, and sometimes even heatedly reminding her that there was only room in this house for One Queen (that being me, of course!), she has turned into a pretty good dog. She has always had the biggest heart of any dog I've had, I spotted that out the first day I met her.

Then we have sweet Maggie, our now 2 yr old Black Lab-Rottie mix. Maggie was also a pound pup. We got her when she was 4 months old and she is strongly attached to Abbey. It's kinda like Abs took on a surrogate mother role. It has never been hard to love Maggie, she is a wanna-be lap dog, and does get up on my chair to cuddle with me almost every evening after supper. Often through the morning while I'm working, she'll come into the room and come up to me all excited, her whole butt moving around in a circle with her tail. It's as if she just discovered me and she's all excited to see me....only she does this five or six times a morning! It's just so cute, and always a welcome interruption!

Well, now you see why I had to share these two with you. They are who I spend the most time with as I work in home. They make me laugh, they make me smile. Thank you God, for dogs!!!


  1. your girls are too cute! i have 4 rescue dogs of my own so i know it can be a challenge at times! they really do look like sweet lovey pups tho- give them hugs from my dogs♥

  2. Thanks Heather, I will! ♥


  3. oh what sweeties! Thanks for the pics and the stories. I love to hear them!

  4. What great photos! These pups sound like a wonderful pair. Rescue pups are the best, they really seem to appreciate what you've done for them! Thanks for sharing!