Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Very First Post...My Very First Blog

What do I write about??? I have a million ideas going thru my mind right now about what I want to do with this blog. First, I want this to become a place where you all will be able to learn a few things about me that you never knew before.

I also want to use this space to feature some of the oustanding handmade artists that I have come across since joining Etsy 4 months ago. I have made some wonderful friends, you'll probably see a lot of them, but you'll also get a look at some great products and shops that I have found by just searching thru different shops.

I am a natural born teacher (in fact I start actually teaching this May at our local college), so I will be posting tutorials, tips, links, ideas that I hope you will find of interest. Oh, and I love to cook, not like some high falootin' chef, but real homecookin' kinda stuff AND I'm damn good at it! So don't be surprised if you see an occasional recipe.

There's more, but it will unfold as I get it more together here. I hope you will enjoy this blog, as much as I think I am going to enjoy having it! Please, feel free to leave me comments, tips and ideas as I'm setting up. I'm feeling awkward and clumsy right now, I can use some help!



  1. kat - welcome to the BORG! LMAO! you're doing an AMAZING job! congemulations on finally putting yourself out here in the blog world! i KNOW you're going to WOW the blog world the way you've WOWED US!

    siempre - dorana

  2. Finally got here Kat. I am so impressed with you and your work. It amazes me the gifts of talent God gives us...sometimes we don't even know we have them until something in our life nudges us that way. It is awesome what we can do. You've always been creative in thinking to me. And your goals are never too much for you. I wish you much success in your line here. Keep looking and learning and you'll have loyal followers. You should have so many baautiful photo opp's there in the area you now live in. Maybe when I visit sometime I can take you to this place I know past Lexington and show you some neat places I saw once while there with Tom. Love you....Best Wishes.

  3. Great music too by the way. It's hard to stop looking and listening.