Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's hard to believe that it has been a whole year since this little butterfly spread it's wings and tried out Etsy! I feel like I have come so far, the fact that I'm writing this is evidence of that, I certainly never even thought of having a blog a year ago, and this week I passed my 100th blog post. Thanks to all of you who have become my friends, shared with me your knowledge, encouraged & supported me in all aspects of my life. ~Kat~


  1. i cant believe how this year has flown by! there are people out there that dont believe the bonds that can be created in the cyberworld - but i can definitely say that my life is richer and so blessed to have you in it - with or without etsy! thank you for all of your love and support!

    siempre- dorana

  2. YEE-HAW!!!!! Yeah!! Happy Ety-Versary!!!!
    You are doing great - keep it up lady!!!



  3. Kat,
    I'm glad you took the leap and hit your one year anniversary. Sorry this is a delayed reply. You have been so dear to me on ETSY. Thanks for becoming my ETSY mom and giving me the ropes and introducing me to wonderful artists. :) Wishing you only the best in life.

    Love & aloha,

  4. Dear Kat,
    Happy Ety-Versary!!!!

    Your work is amazing,I love LOVE love my little personalized cards that i got from you.

    I wish you GOOD LUCK and many good wishes to many more Etsy -Versary :) love that.


  5. Happy New Year Kat,

    It is me ,again:) Thank you for everything,your love, your support,your friendship.

    Your Friend,