Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ten Reasons I Love Summer

Ten Reasons I Love Summer

1. The Beach!!!
2. Dining outside at a restaurant along the river.
3. Sandals.
4. My kids home on Summer Vacation.
5. Sitting on my deck with a good book & an even better glass of wine! :o)
The smell of fresh cut grass.
7. Late-nite dinners.
8. Flowers in my garden.
9. The sound of the birds in the morning to wake me.
10. Fresh (and I mean really great-tasting) fruits and vegetables!


  1. ooooh, fresh cut grass. :) late night dinners while it's still light out.... mmmmmmmmm summer.

  2. Waking up with it being light and going to bed with it being light...I could have made the list up to 20! LOL

  3. awesome reasons!
    lovely scents in the air
    neighbors out and about

  4. I thought of the neighbor one after I posted these...told you I could list 20 easily! :o)