Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Weekend - Green Bay (Part 2)

I've been back from Green Bay for a couple of days now, took a couple of days to recover from that 10-hour car ride! If I didn't mention it in Part 1, the whole reason we went to Green Bay was to celebrate my husband's grandmother who turned 100. She amazingly still lives on her own with a little help from her daughters! Here's a great shot of her smiling down on William, her Great-Great Grandson who was just born 2 weeks ago.

(Click to Enlarge Image)

The inset picture is from the invitation and was taken when Grandma was a teenager. I just love old family photographs. We all agreed, that change the hair to a more contemporary style and one of our nieces, Lynn, is the spitting image of Grandma! Below is a Five-Generation photo, pretty cool, huh?

(Click to Enlarge Image)

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